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Pamela (1740) is an epistolary novel by Samuel Richardson. The protagonist is a maid who writes letters to her parents detailing the bad treatment she experiences from her employers. My redesign considers the tension between the voices of the author and his protagonist, and between handwritten letters
and the printed page of a novel.
Target Demographic
Young adults who love reading
but avoid older books.
How revealing can letters truly be?

Visual Keywords
Layers | Hidden | Distorted
Off-Screen Approaches
I made this while at Shillington Education in London. For this brief we were tasked with including an element which was handmade. I knew I wanted to include both handwritten and printed text, but blurring them in some way. The key moment was I decided to use tracing paper to distort my central image. 
This is a concept brief.
I wrote out a section of the novel on an envelope in a common
style of 18th-century handwriting. I placed a small LED light inside this envelope so that the image had a clear focal point which
could then be distorted by the top layer of tracing paper. 
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