Rewilding the City is a nature documentary film festival from the BFI. This festival imagines a hopeful future for the relationship between the natural and the manmade. My design embraces their positivity and reflects the openness and joy of this imagined future.
Target Demographic
Indie film buffs.
Breathing together in a new/old world.
After reading through the content in the brochure, I collected
a set of key words that stood out to me. Through word
association techniques, I expanded on these words, but
ultimately choose 3 to define my visual direction.
Visual Keywords
Cycles | Joy | Openness
Colour Palette
I chose this palette because the combination of green and pink has been proven to tangibly reduce anxiety. I allowed a lot of white space with the film information to create a sense
of lightness and openness.
Type and Image Treatment
I wanted the interaction between text and photography to create a sense of movement. The text is expanding outward and almost vibrating, conceptually mirroring the feeling of breathing deeply.
This is a concept brief.
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