Kutoa is a rebrand of Luomus, the Museum
of Natural History in Helsinki. This project takes inspiration
from traditional Finnish textiles to create a warm and welcoming
brand identity appealing to families, locals and tourists.
Target Demographic
Introverted locals and tourists.
Threads of the past.

Brief Definition
How might we create a brand concept that
is intelligent yet accessible for the Natural History museum in Helsinki for introverted locals and tourists who are passionate
about education so that they can spend the day
learning in a fun and welcoming space?

'Kutoa' is a Finnish word meaning 'to weave.'
With this name choice, I wanted to emphasise
the storytelling aspect of this history museum, and how
it allows disparate threads of the past to be tied together.
Graphic Elements
These patterns are inspired by the variety
of patterns in the history of Finnish design, from traditional
Scandinavian fair isle clothing to mid-century modern rugs. 
Image Choice
I focused on photography which included a repetitive
element, creating another form of pattern within the brand assets.
Brand Values
Enthusiasm | Discovery | Welcoming
Visual Keywords
Warm | Eclectic | Familiar
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