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Bewitch is a playful new brand of pumpkin crisps aimed at vegan witches. While this target demographic might sound niche, many popular subcultures online have formed that celebrate otherworldly practices like astrology, spirituality and witchcraft. Bewitch embodies an alternate way of looking at the world that focuses on delight, pleasure and humour.
Target Demographic
Vegan witches.
Eternal witching hour.
Demographic & Competitor Research
Vegan witches are a demographic who are broadly Gen Z, very politically engaged, and left-leaning. They are interested in body positivity and are aware of potentially harming fatphobic messages around food, so I wanted to move away from common tropes which appear in the marketing of vegan food that can overemphasise its health benefits. Instead of promoting fad diets and weight loss techniques, Bewitch values the joy and fun of eating.
Tone of Voice
As I worked on this brief, this perspective on the pleasures
of food developed into a tongue-in-cheek tone of voice,
along with a warm and approachable visual identity.
Colour Palette
The palette takes inspiration from the colours of autumn and Halloween without turning the crisps into a purely seasonal product. I aimed to capture the warmth, vibrancy, and magic of that
time of year, but extend it all year round.
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